Beer Saved Your Set or Are You Fu#%ing Kidding Me?
Live Rock and Roll Interviews, Reviews, Musings and Beer from Columbus, Ohio!

Phat Rock and Roll for Heavy Times

It just doesn’t get any better than beer and friends and rock and roll.  I have plenty of friends and beer that I am endlessly grateful for, but, I sure could use some more rock and roll.  I hope to post many interviews with rock bands along with a photo or a link to photos of every beer I drink this year.  If you know of any great bands that should be interviewed, send them my way.  Ditto for good beer.  I was born into a family of wolves who never got me all of the Beatles records I wanted for Christmas when I was a child (Oh, the Horror! The Horror!).  It’s turned me into another Great American Werewolf.

In a particularly manic and sober moment I was talking to Joe outside the Treehouse in Columbus and a friend of his was telling a story about a bachelor party where the host, who had worked at a strip club for years, had colossal stacks of photo albums to the ceiling which held nothing but the stippers and porn stars he had met at the club.

I wanted to meet the guy who, if you dug through his basement,  you would find only pictures of him, documenting every beer he ever drank and stacks and stacks of random interviews of interesting new bands. 

That stack is “Beer Saved Your Set” or “Are You Fu#%ing Kidding Me?”  You decide.  You get two choices which yield, essentially, the same result- kind of like US Politics.



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