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Soundarden Reunion?

I had the unfortunate experience of receiving an advance promo copy of a record called “Ten” by some Seattle band called Pearl Jam about what seems like must have been at least 6 or 7 months before the record really broke. There were at least 1 or 2 notable songs that showed some promise. There was some depth and passion to the lyrics and the music, if not groundbreaking, seemed to echo some of the ballsier middle-of-the-road classic rock tunes I heard as a kid. So, I didn’t write them off. It sounded like something that a lot of people would dig.

Fast forward about 16 to 18 months later and at parties all over campus, people are still putting this fu$%ing record on that now seems ultra-pedestrian and whitebread. I have forgotten why I had ever thought the record had any merit in the first place and was, now, unappreciative of the free advance copy to the point of resentment.

Soundgarden definitely rocked harder than Pearl Jam (duh) and they didn’t get shoved down my throat as much, so, they got a “get out of jail free” card from me. Still, I, wasn’t a big fan.

I’m thankful that Subpop went on to release so many other fine bands, including Red Red Meat, Afghan Whigs, Sebadoh, Iron & Wine, The Shins (their first record was so refreshing before Garden State hoopla over-hyped and tainted it for those who were previously uninitiated), etc.

Hell, Subpop released a Pernice Brothers record, Zen Guerilla (who I thought impressively upstaged The New Bomb Turks and Hellacopters at an Alrosa show in the late 90s), Thee Headcoats, Love Battery, The Jesus and Mary Chain….

So, sure, PJ and Soundgarden may totally suck, crappy bands’ inevitable breakups and their predictable future “reunion” gigs may never cease to annoy, but, I give these bands credit for being Subpop pioneers, if nothing else.

I think they should break up, again, though. It’s better for their overall legacy and it’s better for me.

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