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The Wildbirds at The Summit Columbus, Ohio January 9, 2010

It was a pleasure to stumble across the Wildbirds at The Summit this weekend. It was kind of like a grittier Strokes; like if they were broke and from Milwaukee, traveled in a van that runs on vegetable oil, sound more like Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin, rock a lot harder and trashier.

Their lead singer has that great tall, skinny rock and roll strung out look and a pretty cool mid to high range rock vocal that cuts through with a little swagger.

Their bass player was concerned about their drummer having downed 20 double vodkas. That’s quite a feat. I told him not to worry about it. I hadn’t noticed it affecting his playing. Our drummer has about 16 or 17 beers before any out of town show. This is normal for bands from towns with alcohol problems, right?

They must be ok guys, because I think they even agreed to be one of the first bands to reply to goofy interview questions for my new retarded rock and roll blog that you are currently reading, like this essential rock and roll inquiry: “Who sucks more, Cinderella or Candlebox?”.


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